Furniture Maintenance furniture maintenance knowledge Daquan

Category:Care Guide | Tiem:2017-12-01

Furniture maintenance knowledge one: Dust Often with a soft cotton cloth along the direction of the wood grain of dust the furniture surface. Prior to dust, you should on a soft clo...

Solid wood furniture and maintenance tips

Category:Care Guide | Tiem:2017-11-29

Solid wood furniture because of its healthier, more environmentally friendly and much consumers, so now more and more people have opted for solid wood furniture. Routine maintenance...

Home with: black with dark furniture, what color curtains?

Category:Care Guide | Tiem:2017-11-26

What color curtains with black furniture is better? Outside ordinary life, for a variety of black furniture products has been regarded as commonplace, black furniture, top quality, ...

Black walnut wood furniture, wood furniture filling texture!

Category:Care Guide | Tiem:2017-11-24

Ya Mu black walnut wood furniture belongs to a mahogany furniture, that this Mu Ya black walnut wood furniture and some of what good is it? Secondly, we buy wood furniture product, ...

Bathroom mirror fogging small coup!

Category:Care Guide | Tiem:2017-11-22

Bathroom mirror anti-fog performance has not been very good popularity, there are still a lot of friends for the bathroom mirror fogging and distress, mirror fogging will be dissipa...