Design Administrative Assistant: 1 (design professional, high school or higher / interns do not vote resume)
Skilled use of CorelDraw and Photoshop and other mapping software, familiar with Office office software;
· Be able to adapt to cross-sectoral work to assist the company to handle the administrative part of the work;
· Good at exploring the commercial design of products in different industries, with good design taste and vision;
· Be warm and cheerful, good at communication and coordination;
· Strong sense of teamwork and sense of service, hard-working, strong ability to resist, have a strong learning and implementation capacity, male priority.
Foreign Trade Manager: 2 (marketing, e-commerce and other related marketing professionals, college)
· English 6 or equivalent, fluent in spoken English;
· Strong ability of independent development, pioneering spirit, strong sense of responsibility, good communication skills and ability to lead teamwork; with the industry, exhibitors experience abroad, the electrical industry customer resources are preferred.
Sales Manager: a number (not limited to professional, technical secondary school or above)
· Warm and cheerful, good at communication;
· Hard-working, strong anti-pressure ability;
· Be able to develop clients independently and arrange work plan reasonably;
· Experience in sales of home appliances, air energy, solar energy and other related electrical appliances is a plus.
Refrigeration Engineer: 1 (refrigeration and air conditioning professional, college)
· Proactively discover the technical problems and improve the technology of the company's products; Can complete the mechanical and electronic drawing independently (product structure diagram, production schematic diagram, circuit diagram, etc.);
· To assist the team to promote the company's product breakthrough upgrade upgrade, to achieve technological innovation;
· Document the company's technical information files, with the quality inspection / after-sales / production sectors to enhance product quality;
· Serious and responsible in work, good at communication, with peer experience preferred.
After-sales maintenance staff: a number (refrigeration and air conditioning professional, not limited to education)
· Warm and cheerful, good at communication;
· Hard-working, strong anti-pressure ability;
· Be able to complete the after-sales work independently and make reasonable arrangements for the work plan;
· Accepting occasional travel arrangements;
Have more than one year of home appliance, heat pump, solar and other refrigeration industry, after-sales maintenance work experience.
Quality inspectors: 2 (refrigeration and air conditioning professional, secondary school or above)
· Careful and responsible work, hard work;
· Responsible for the final commissioning and quality control of finished products before storage;
· Familiar with the air-conditioning refrigeration industry factory quality inspection procedures;
· Rigorous and responsible work, dare to assume the distribution of the work.
Workshop production workers: a number (not limited to professional, not limited to education)
· Hardworking, and actively cooperate with the company's production plan; obey the work distribution;
· Work experience in welding and circuit operation is preferred;
· Graduates of refrigeration specialty are preferred.